Optimised Press Release

Optimised press releases on Isle News offer a number of unique advantages for businesses:

  1. Hyperlinks to your website from within the article
    • Great for SEO
    • Provides site users with a call to action through to your website
  2. Inclusion of a lifetime 468×60 advertising banner
  3. Direct targeted ‘interested’ traffic to your site from Isle News

Search Engine Optimisation

One of the key elements a search engine uses to rank websites is the number and quality of links that point back to your site. These act as ‘votes’ for your website – and the more authority the referring site has, the more value is passed to your site. Optimising your press release on Isle News offers the perfect opportunity to build links back to your site in a safe, effective way. These will not only help your own website’s SEO but help to direct relevant interested traffic from the Isle News website.

Links within press releases must be relevant to the article and the business and all are subject to editorial approval.

Banner Advertising

When placing an optimised press release you have the option of including an advertising banner (468pixels wide x 60 pixels high) within your press release. This remains for the life of the article so even if someone lands on your press release in two years time – your advert still remains! Anybody landing on your press release’s page on Isle News will be shown your advert which will be linked through to your website – another great way to get direct relevant traffic to your site.

Direct Traffic

Adding links within your release and including a lifetime advert is all about delivering relevant traffic to your site, not just when you distribute the release initially but long into the future.

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