Stan Brouard Group Announce Plans for a Bio-Waste Management Solution

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Isle News, 21 September 2009 – Last night, hundreds of Islanders listened to The Stan Brouard Group and the Baltic Development Group, announce their proposal for a cost effective, innovative, non- polluting, non-incineration island waste management solution.

According to presenters, this new proposal utilises the proven technology of a Vantage Waste Processor, which treats rubbish in a 2.7-metre by 16-metre tunnel that continuously rotates and injects waste with 160º high-pressured steam. Waste is sanitised and the overall volume reduced by up to 60%, leaving only recyclables and biomass to be used in the manufacture of strong recycled pallets, fencing and other reusable products. The plant would cost no more than £20m to build.  

In addition to the environmental benefits, the joint venture would also bring other associated benefits to the Island. As well as showcasing Guernsey as a centre for leading-edge recycling technologies, something which would bring industry representatives and Government Officials to Guernsey to view the installation, it would also establish a charitable trust to make a significant donation each year to Guernsey Charities, and provide a technical engineering bursary every year to one Guernsey Student to attend one of the top Universities in this field.

Rodney Brouard, Director of The Stan Brouard Group said, “We’re offering the States a wholly feasible, effective and sustainable alternative to incineration. We really need the Guernsey community to help support our case to convince members of the States to consider our proposal seriously.”

A loan from the States or private finance would be requested for a maximum of £20million, repayable with interest.  Longue Hougue would still be used to receive all the waste for processing.  The business would be managed by the joint venture and there would be no operating charges of £1.8m per annum to the States and no £11.44 charge per tonne as with Suez.  Gate fees would be reduced from a minimum of £175 per tonne to a maximum of £80 per tonne.  The envisaged 7,000 tonne of timber per annum would be used in the recycling process.

The public meeting at St Sampsons High School, followed a presentation to States Deputies and Senior Civil Servants on Wednesday evening.

Peter Jenkins from the Baltic Development Group said, “The technology can cope with all types of waste which is converted into saleable end products such as pallets and fencing.  As an example the pallets are 4 times stronger than timber and last at least 10 times as long.  Eventually after a long life the pallets can be shredded and made into another recycled pallet.”

Three senior colleagues from the Baltic Development Group went on to discuss the detailed plans of the proposed plant, touching on important points like the plant’s capacity, environmental impact and its long-term sustainably.

Further information on the waste management solution can be found at, where there is also a link to an online petition, providing Islanders with the opportunity to demonstrate their support.

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  1. michael c ogier says:

    After reading the article in the Guernsey Press
    I cannot fault his thinking and would hope the
    States delve into his ideas with some urgency.
    Otherwise we will leave our young people with an enormous debt.

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