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ALAN, CORY, TARA - Manx2Isle News, 2 September 2009 – Most boys are into football, playing in the park with their friends or even playing video games. But one little boy, who sometimes visits Gloucestershire’s M5 Airport as much as four times a week to see the aeroplanes land and take off, has had his dream turned into reality by the airline.

Cory Pockett, who is just nine years old, was invited to Gloucester Airport by’s Business Development Executive, Ann Hartley, after his mum, Sally, wrote a letter telling her how much of a fan he is. After being presented with a t-shirt and lanyard, and some other gifts from the Isle of Man, Cory was taken out onto the runway where he was greeted by Captain Alan Carson and First Officer Tara McKiernan.

The pair showed Cory around their Dornier aircraft, which is his favourite in the fleet, before taking him for a taxi ride along the runway.

A thrilled Cory, who is a pupil at Rowanfield Junior School in Cheltenham, commented: “Since I was really little I have liked cars, trains and planes but for the last three years I have really got into planes and I love them now!

“I love flying because it’s exciting, but I really love because their planes are different to others and their pilots always wave to me when I go to watch them land and take off. Meeting the crew and going for a ride in my favourite plane is unbelievable!”

Noel Hayes, Chairman, commented: “It was my pleasure to arrange for Cory to meet our crew who he sees on a regular basis and have a ride in his favourite aircraft. It is great for a child of his age to have such a keen interest in aviation, and I hope he continues with this as he grows older and who knows, he could be a First Officer for us in ten years time!” would like to thank Gloucester M5 Airport Operations Manager, Darren Lewington, and all passengers on the 9.30am Gloucester to Isle of Man flight on 25th August 2009, for their co-operation with Cory’s surprise.

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  1. SALLY POCKETT says:

    This is my son Cory – He had such a wonderful time with the MANX2.COM airline staff and the Gloucestershire Airport staff – I can’t thank everyone enough, espcially Ann, for arranging this surprise for him – it made his dream come true to be able to get on board and meet the piLots

  2. Ann Hartley says:

    It was a real pleasure to welcome this young man on board he made a big impression on the crew and staff at Gloucester Airport and we are looking forward to the day when we can fly him and his mum to the Island.

  3. Brandon Pockett says:

    I am so pround of you cory your the best brother in the world i wouldnt ask for anyone else apart from my besstie ollie:)

  4. cory says:

    thank you so much i hade the best time off me life and now i have been flying with you 5 times i love it i am flying back to the isle of man in apr i cant wait!!:) 2011

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